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I'm Julia Dmitrieva from Russia, St-Petersburg. And this is my Fan Site dedicated to wonderful incredibly talented inimitable gorgeous the most charismatic bassist on the planet Magnus Rosén. He made so ineffaceable impression on me with his inspired expressive brilliant bass playing, that I completely lost my mind from admiration of his great talent.
I wanted to tell about my unremitting admiration for his immense talent, that's why I've decided to create my own Magnus fan site.
I was trying to do the best.
So, click links.



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I'll be glad to share your admiration for Magnus and also to know your opinions and thoughts.

Contact with me by any way:


E-mail:                    julia2001ru@yandex.ru


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 Julia Dmitrieva
                         Pinegina, str., 3; 4.
                         St-Petersburg, 192148



Magnus Rosén Oficial site
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